The Importance of Smaller Steps

The Importance of Small Steps

Where do I even start?!” 

“There’s so much to do … argggghhh”

“Man, I’m stressed out….is this even worth it?!”


I’ve realised over the course of the later years of my life that I tend to get overwhelmed when the idea of personal task becomes ‘too much’.

What’s my go to?    Avoid, avoid at all costs …

… because it’s too difficult to get started.  Sometimes I try to start… but … there are sooo many other things to be distracted by… like, oooh, that article, that text message, that funny meme someone just sent me, ooooh, remember about that other task I had to do, etc. etc. 

Next thing I know, I’m down a rabbit hole and far far away from my original goal.

I do attribute a good part of my lack of focus and getting overwhelmed to the modern age of technology and the internet.  With our smartphones by our sides all the time, the constant fragmentation of my time and concentration has become my new norm.  It’s completely eroded my ability to concentrate.

Secondly, it’s a personal belief or trigger, which basically comes down to:

“I’m not smart enough” … & … “I’m not good enough”


So I basically make this task so daunting that I think, ” ahhh yeah, I’ll get started tomorrow!”




I saw this image today of the crucial reminder of the importance to take smaller steps.  Just focus on one specific task, one small step for now.

I want to achieve this personal task of writing an online course to help others get through and overcome depression and anxiety.  

I genuinely want this. 

The end result will not only benefit me but potentially so many others.  It’s a no brainer.  I just have to put in the effort, one small step at a time, let those smalls steps accumulate and boom, the end result will be something I will feel proud of.


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