February 2021

The Importance of Smaller Steps
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The Importance of Small Steps

“Where do I even start?!”  “There’s so much to do … argggghhh” “Man, I’m stressed out….is this even worth it?!”   I’ve realised over the course of the later years of my life that I tend to get overwhelmed when the idea of personal task becomes ‘too much’. What’s my go to?    Avoid, avoid at

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Insight Timer – A Free Mediation Tool

Hands down, this is my #1 recommendation. I LOVE this app. Not only is there an abundance in choice of resources to get into a meditative or relaxed state, there is the opportunity of connecting to a huge community of other mediators across the globe.  Insight Timer is the most active meditation community on the planet. 

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I’m Back

It’s the middle of Feb 2021. Almost a year into a global pandemic that we never saw coming… even though we were warned. It’s been a clusterfuck of emotions… and… right now… I’m feeling good. The best I ever have. The most content I’ve ever been, I think! I’m inspired to give this project one

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