30 Day Challenge – 20 Minute Daily Meditation – Update

So… it’s been about 30 days since I last posted about doing this 20 minute daily meditation.

Did I complete it – No!

Did I beat myself up about it – A little.

I certainly had thoughts of ‘bloody hell, I can’t stick to anything’. I also had thoughts of ‘maybe this was a little too much?!’.

So, what have I learnt? Although setting this challenge seemed awesome at the time, me thinking, ‘if I am feeling the benefit of a longer daily sit (without being in a monastery with all the right conditions and setting to do so) … how would I be after a month?’

…. I think the ’20 minute’ thing was a little too big of a challenge to start with.

It’s crazy… like I can’t find 20 minutes a day to sit and just be?

Of course I can.

I did find myself, saying to myself, ‘I’ll sit at lunch’ or ‘sure, a little later’. Yah uh huh.

And of course, when I did make the time, I felt better for it.

I think I will do this again… this time I am renaming it to ’30 Day Challenge – Daily Meditation’. 🙂 No pressure as to for how long. Even if it’s 5 minutes…. or even 2! As long as it’s a daily thing.

I also need another tool to help along the way. Something visual. The Insight Timer app is pretty awesome for giving you incentive to reach 10, 30 and 100 consecutive days.

Another thought I had that maybe for someone like me who finds it difficult to stick to anyone one thing for any length of time, or for someone who is experiencing anxiety or depression, that starting at say 1 week, or even 3 days would be a good place to start.

Once you’ve hit that 3 days or 1 week or 10 days… see if you can do another 3 days, week, 10 days … and maybe another.

The idea is to start small. Small manageable steps.

Not ones like ’20 minute meditation’ that feel a little overwhelming sometimes even thinking about it 😀

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