Baltic Sea Swimming!

So I’ve finally tried going for a dip in the baltic waters of the Irish sea.

Apparently a ‘perfect anti-depressant for the mental health’, I wanted to give this a go.

However come Friday evening, the night before the upcoming dip, I wrote to my good friend and asked

‘what the fuck am I doing trying this out at the coldest time of the year?!’

It’s February 2019 in Ireland and the Winter has fully settled in. It’s pretty bloody chilly outside.

Luckily, the sun was shining down upon us on our adventure out to Dublin’s famous 40 Foot in Sandycove. Armed with my swim togs, cap and sea shoes, I was ready.

I’ve always been an absolute pussy when it comes to getting and being cold. I always thought people who did this were crazy. However over the years, it’s become a lot more popular and the apparent benifits for mental health were something I had to not dismiss.

This year is the year for trying new things for me.. anything that will help in making me smile.

A few slight screams as I tip toed down the steps and leapt into the BALTIC Irish sea water… I had accomplished this task.

Being in the water is a surreal experience.

It’s sooooo cold.

After only a minute or 2 I’m out… my hands are starting to sting.

The outside 2C air is actually a relief from the unrelenting freezing water. I run to my gear and towel in absolute joy that I’ve just done something I once said I would never do.

As I take a deep breath, all the nerves in my body tingle with a strange delight.

This does feel good.

Now I get it… I need to do this again.

Look at that face

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