Something I Can be Proud of…

So it’s Tuesday, day 4 of my 2nd house sit of the year.

I said to myself that I would utilise this time in order to really sit with what it is that I want going forward..

Especially in terms of the/my need of an income in an area where I feel autonomy, expression, creativity and flexibility.

I’ve had the idea of creating this website for a very long time.

For a number of years in fact.

I remember once specifically going out to buy a super large whiteboard and excitedly bringing it home to write down a bunch of ideas in a bunch of different colours… I had a vision…

… but damn, at the time… it just seemed too impossible, too difficult.

This board up on my wall eventually became something that was just a blur when I looked at it… I started to not even notice it was there and eventually it became another idea that literally sat in the closet.

My vision was and is for this website to become a platform that enables connection through the sharing of information, stories, uplifting insights, quotes, pictures etc. all in aid of how to overcome depression and depression recovery.

Personable, real, authentic, inspiring.

Now that I have actually initiated the creation of this website.. YaaaaaY 😀 … I have decided recently that I really want to put more time and effort into this …

… and really make it something I can be proud of.

However in doing so, I’ve struggled with the duality of this website both providing an informative website that helps others and something that provides an income, for me.

We live in a new era where having an income solely based on an online platform is possible.

I’ve, very often, thought of this as an option for me to enable me live in a way that meets my needs …

… but I’ve never had the passion to get behind something.

Over the past 15 years or so I’ve looked into affiliate marketing and owning a dropshipping store among other ideas to initiate something that would provide me with an online income…

… but nothing ever truly sat with me in a way that I would feel completely comfortable with and…

… proud of … until now…

For the last few months the idea of building a course in aid of how to overcome depression and depression recovery from my own personal experience has come to fruition.

Upon it’s completion I plan to offer the course on a sliding scale dependent on the viewers own income needs.

I know for me, in times of really needing support… funds have been tight… If I can offer something that may be of help to someone like me back then, without being extortionate, that would be awesome.

It, along with the rest of the website, would be something I would be really proud of.

I can’t wait to look back at this post and smile …. Until then … 😀

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