I Recognise that Track!

Writing away here listening to a sweet DJ I discovered a couple of years back – Emancipator

Playing him on a random shuffle and the track ‘Diamonds (Live)’ just started playing. Shortly into the track I hear another track mixed in … ‘it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… left you without a dope to step to… step to.. step to…. ‘

It’s an Aaliyah track ‘Try Again’. Man I was hooked on this particular track… I fucking loved it!

I first heard of her through the movie Romeo Must Die.

Not too long after this film was made she passed away in a real tragic aircraft accident. I was gutted.

Though hearing this track again mixed into another artist I now admire makes me smile bigtym.

… Thank you Emancipator and thank you Aaliyah 🙂

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