9 – 5 Not for Me

I’m about to embark on another trip down to West Cork in Ireland for the next 2 weeks.

Tonight I’ll meet with a good friend in Cork, have dinner, catch up, go to a special yoga class (Tsa Lung – mostly sitting down using the holding of breath technique), and have a mediation sit with her before I leave tomorrow.

Then I’ll meet and stay with another couple of good friends and their animals (yay) in West Cork for the next 2 nights.

Like I said in my last post… connecting with good friends is so important to me. Knowing I’m doing this over the next couple of days sits really well with me. You know, when deep down, it just feels right.

This, ‘it just feels right’ feeling is something I’m really consciously working on bringing more into my life.

It’s a knowing, a calming feeling, and inner sense of ‘it just feels right’.

From Friday onwards I’m undertaking my 2nd house sit of the year! This time through a friend of a friend. I will be minding Bongo the cross dog and Wasabi the cat whilst I’m there, which will provide me some nice company over the 9 day sit.

I’m loving the flexibility of being able to travel and have some time to myself …

I really love it.

So… to my title. I’m lucky in that I am working flexible part time hours from home at the moment… and that I am living at home with my Mumma. That means very little expenses. I did a few months varied shift work before Christmas and now I’m back to just my part time.

As great as it is, it doesn’t provide enough to enable me to do some of the things I would like to do.

Again, in a way I am very lucky to be in the position I am in. I am fortunate to have somewhere to live that’s warm and safe and isn’t costing me an arm and a leg.

At present Dublin, Ireland, like a lot of cities right now, is an expensive place to live. So, I am very grateful for this space.

However, I know I need to let go of this flexible, floating way of living at the moment and get some more work to earn more of an income. Though, when I think of the ‘normal’ 9-5, 5 days a week, I kind of shiver inside. It feels rigid and feels like it’s definitely not for me.

I’ve worked in a 9-5 position before and it felt like most of my life was revolved around work.

As much as the structure would be good for me right now…

… I need something more fulfilling… more creative.. more flexible.

So… this little trip away, my thinking cap is on…

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