Self Care – New Year Break

Back in November I signed up to, a website that functions as a booking system which allows house owners to go on their holidays or work trips whilst knowing someone is at home looking after their pet/’s and home while they’re away.

Basically an exchange of free accommodation for free pet sitting.

It works on kind of a review based system similar to Airbnb. Once a house sit is complete both the house sitter and owners leave a review for eachother for other members of the website to see.

I, right now, am currently on my 1st housesit!

When I signed up to the site, I did so because I wanted to get away and have some me time… All while having the company of an or some animals and someone’s home to just be in.

For this particular one, I arrived on the 26th of December and have taken on a lot for my 1st… But I took it as a little challenge for myself… And for something different!

This large beautiful cozy house sits on the West Coast of Ireland, looking out to Killala Bay. There are 2 cats, 2 dogs, 9 chickens and 2 horses!

… And 2 fish.

It’s like a mini farm and for now I’m loving it.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve dreamt of having my own home with a couple of dogs and a couple of cats (so they each have a mate), along with a bunch of chickens.

Fresh eggs every day and smiles every day too.

I’m into my 3rd of 9 day stay here and thus far, I love them chickens. That dream I have had… Has now had a sprinkle of reality… I will get my home and chickens one day!

Ultimately, the main reason for this get away was space and time for me in the country side in a cozy home with a little company of the non-human kind… And this has been just perfect thus far.

Space, fresh air, me time, self care time.

Also time to get away from the sometimes madness of New Years and just be with me.

I’ve just gotten out an hour long soak in a jacuzzi bath with a bunch of Epsom Salts. It’s the first time in a good while I’ve had a bath… I surrounded myself with candles, played….. By…..

I completely felt the…. Relaxed, still… Savouring these moments I was taking for myself….

Being here, giving myself this time… I’m taking care of myself… And it feels kinda wonderful.

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