Side Effects of Meds – Night Sweats

Of the countless side effects that antidepressant medications advise, one of the main ones I suffer from is ‘night sweats’.

Excessive sweating or ‘ secondary hyperhidrosis’ apparently affects up to around 20% of us who take antidepressants.

My excessive sweating occurs at night, generally up to 2 weeks out of 4 I can experience these night sweats, marked by obvious hormone disturbances in my body around menstruation time.

I have changed antidepressant medication in the past with none of the changes seem to alliviative the night sweats, however whilst on some medications this side effect was worse on.

Night sweats are fucking horrible.

Sometimes they are so bad, I wake up fairly drenched and really cold. I need to put my electric blanket on, which is under a few layers of padding and sheets, to warm up and fall asleep again.

I’ve gotten up in the past and redressed, only to wake up sweaty again.

When these night sweats do happen, I generally need to sleep more because I’ve had a crap sleep. I then wake up fairly groggy and not the brightest.

When I do wake.. I need to get my damp pj’s off me and straight into the shower.

It is the biggest pain in my arse.

Not to mention, it also is not a pleasant smell.

At it’s peak times of the month, I don’t even bother washing everything… I just hang my p.j’s to dry and roll open my bed to air and dry it out. There’s no point because I know the same things probably going to happen the next night.

I LOVE fresh sheets and waking up dry.

That is a strange sentence to write.

I’ve gotten to the point in the past where I’m so sick of these side effects, I wanna to come off the antidepressants because it’s like a catch 22. They’re supposed to be making me feel better, however half the time, my sleep is so disturbed, that it’s effecting me in a very negative way.

It’s certainly not as bad as it has sometimes been in the past… I remember times of waking up after a pretty horrendous night and actually crying because I’m tired and exhausted… and I smell.

However, it has definitely gotten to the point now where I’m pretty bloody sick of it.

One of the many reasons I would love to be medication free.

Bring on the time fresh sheets stay fresh for a lot longer than they do now! 🙂

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