Stuck in a Loop – Overindulging – Update 3

So the girls dinner and catch up night out went really well.

Myself and a friend were invited over to some friends in the country.  A beautiful refurbished old country residence with a warm cozy fire we chatted over red vino, nibbles and dinner throughout the night.  It was lovely.

…  and I was mindful…

Drinking plenty of water.. and of course feasting on dinner and the cheese and yummy treats.

I spoke a little about mental health to them, mentioning that I was on antidepressants.   One of them spoke of a time they were on them too.

It’s ‘day 2’ and I’m feeling good.  Up early to get to my casual job for the next 3 days, then a short retreat on Thursday night through to Sunday.

I’m really looking forward to this.

Following that, there’s a few get together’s in the lead up to Christmas.


On the drive out to and back from the country, I spoke with my friend about these recent overindulgence’s, my thought’s and feeling’s over them and of up-coming gathering’s and possible similar situations.  I semi-discovered that what I really need is a contingency plan for those unplanned nights out that involve alcohol.

I need to have a ‘if this, then that’ back up plan. 

A simple one would be ‘if I am drinking, then I make sure I am eating and drinking water too’.   At 36 you’d think I’d have this down.  However, I think a combination of getting older and being on meds, means the after effects are hitting me harder…

… it’s time to be more sensible on a consistent basis in my relationship to alcohol.  




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