Stuck in a Loop – Overindulging – Update 2

So after my last night out where a few mindful pints were had, I was feeling fairly good during the days following.  I took it slow, I drank lots of water, had a good dinner earlier and a snack on returning home.

On Thursday night, 2 nights ago… I did none of the above.  


It was an unplanned night out.  A table quiz in one of my favourite bars in the city… and all for a really moving charitable cause.

I arrived over, straight after my Thursday work/helping out for my good friend Julz.  I had been in touch with one of the girls during the day and decided to pop down for a couple and leave at 9pm.

At 9pm, another round was being bought at my table.

I declined.  However, the person buying this round took this as a weak decline and bought me a pint anyways.  In a way, it is a nice gesture as they wanted me to stay.  In the other, it’s not cool… this is fairly typical behaviour for us Irish to do…

‘Ah sure have another one’.

The night was fun.  There was great craic.  In the moment, I thought, why not?  I rang home and said I’d stay out for a few more.

I hadn’t eaten and I definitely didn’t drink enough water.

Now… here I am, feeling the effects… again.

I slept most of yesterday.. and today I am feeling slightly anxious.

I’m due to go to a friends tonight for dinner.  I had already spoken to them about taking it easy.  That I would have a couple of glasses of vino, but nothing mad, as I’m looking after my mental health.  I’m being open and clear to people surrounding me.


So, what happened the other night?


It’s a little difficult to not feel a little shit about myself in this moment.


And, it’s frustrating.  I was feeling really good on Thursday.  I had a really enjoyably night.

However, I didn’t plan, I overindulged.. and now I’m feeling the repercussions of my actions.  Physically and mentally, I can’t afford to do this.


So… what can I do going forward?

Be honest with myself and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.  Be realistic.  Be firmer with myself.  Even when I am feeling great.


It’s proving to be a fucking difficult one.  But, I know, it’s a pattern I need to manage better.

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