20 Published Posts

Happy Moment – Just saw I have ’20 Published Posts’.  A few of these are very short news posts.. but … I remember my Bro saying ‘get 20 done and then I’ll help you with the website’.  This means he’d help me get the website layout looking like how I have it visualised in my head.


Not that long ago I was feeling despair and wondering if I could get this website going or not.

Fuck me we spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about things,

rather than just doing huh?

So… now I’m in ‘doing’ mode.  Sure, I could hardly sleep last night, I was buzzing with ideas for this website.

What a feeling.  I have a focus.  It. is. fucking. great.


So after spending a good bit of time getting my Todoist tool organised .. which is going super great… I spent a couple hours yesterday going over the design elements of what I envision for the site.  I already had a colour scheme in mind.  Yesterday was about drawing out a mockup design for the website that my Bro, Si, could spend some time actually designing for me and making my vision come to life.

I’m pretty lucky to have him and his support  🙂

My website is looking pretty damn basic right now… here’s a pic of the current layout:



A simple WordPress site to get me up and running.  Now I’ve got some content and a momentum going, now is the time to make it into something more exciting 😀

I made a folder in my Google Drive yesterday and sent Si all that I could, including a pretty elementary version of a website mockup:



Good ol’ Paint 🙂

I reckon I did pretty ok considering I quite obviously have no design background.  Included was info on the font and colour scheme to use and also some drawings of some page mockups of how I wanted things to look.  Here’s one of my lovely drawings with shite focus that Si will very much appreciate:



It’s all a bit scruffy, but it’s a start.  


Right now, I’m just going to soak up that vision of my 1st ’20 Published’ posts.  That’s a good and accomplished feeling.

Bring on the next 20 and the next 20 after that.

Maybe when I’ve hit 50 I’ll have another mini celebration 🙂


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