Getting Organised with Google Calendar + Todoist

I spent a few hours over the weekend researching for a tool to help me with task management / productivity management.

My bro got me onto a new Asana type tool called ClickUp.   He was telling me it has a bunch of new features and integrations and is helping him organise himself and his business.  After looking into it, I just thought it was too complicated for what I needed.

So I went on search for other tools.

And ended up back with the simple Todoist.

I had an account with them already but they now have and integration option with Google Calendar.


I am a Google Calendar user and fan.  It’s how I’ve been organising myself for the last few years.  If I hear of an event, I put it in there.  If there’s something I need to do, I put it in there.  If I need to remind myself of something, I put it in there.

Now, with Todoist, I have a place that stores all my tasks, gives me a daily list of them… and I list that I can check off.

Which for me = an achievement list.  


The best thing about it.. is that I found out how to integrate it with my Google Calendar screen, so it looks like this:



I’m actually really pleased with this.  It’s simple.  It’s something that’s familiar to me.  It’s a functional tool that I WILL USE.

It’s also something I can add to as I go along.  This is now giving me clarity of what I need to do on a daily basis.  I mean, after a wee sleep in this morning, I woke up and was already thinking of this screenshot above and what my tasks were today.

I was actually looking forward to getting stuck in.

That’s not a massively familiar feeling for me.  And you know what, I like it.

The actual act of getting organised and focused on what I need to do daily is a HUGE DEPRESSION BUSTER.

Having a focus means my mind is busy and not having much time to go to its habitual negative thought loops.

I have focus, I’m moving forward.


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