Stuck in a Loop – Overindulging – Update 1

So plans changed just a little over the last few days, however I did have a potential night last night out, where I needed to be mindful.

I have made a commitment to stop taking any social drugs for the foreseeable future.  Not that it was a big issue for me.  But it wasn’t helping me.  It was making hangovers pretty unbearable.

Now, I am trying to consciously be mindful of my alcohol consumption.  I live in a country where overindulgence is pretty normal.   Having a few pints whilst meeting a friend is the norm and having a few more on a night out is acceptable.

And I know, drinking whilst on anti-depressant medication is not recommended.  However I’ve had many, many, many occasions over my years of dismissing this recommendation and living a fairly ‘normal’ life of a social drinker.

Anti-depressants don’t affect the immediate consumption of alcohol like antibiotics or benzodiazepine’s do.   It is however a ‘depressant’ in it’s own right.

… I wonder…  is my mental state in the days after therefore worse off than someone who wasn’t on anti-depressants?


My tendency with drinking alcohol is to have a couple, be really enjoying myself and want to keep having more.  This means potential ‘bad’ hangover days ahead.

Today, thankfully, after a night out, I’m feeling ok.

It was a long night too.  I was meeting a couple of friends in town early at 6:30pm for a couple of hours before they headed off to a gig.  Shortly after that I was meeting another friend who was back home visiting for the weekend.  This then meant lots of people I knew were out the whole night and great ‘craic’ was had.

I took it really slow at the beginning.

I was very aware I could be out all night, so I drank slowly and had some water in between.

I’ve been very open to my friends that I need to look after my mental health.  My closest friends are aware of what happened to me earlier in the year and are therefore in support of my efforts to help myself.

And… some of them are saying the same things back to me.

They too can’t handle the hangovers from a night of overindulgence.  It’s too difficult, too mentally and physically draining.

Today I did sleep a lot.  That’s what I usually need to do to help mend my body back to it’s healthy self.  However now, I’m feeling fresh and feeling glad that I took it easy last night.

My mental health is glad I did too.

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