4th Day Went Good

I got up today with a plan of action and had a good day.

I’m now chilling with a few squares of dark chocolate basking in my achievements 🙂  … and it does feel like I’ve earned this moment.  I know myself when I ‘get shit done’ I feel better in myself, feel like I’ve not wasted the day, i.e. wasting away my life.

I went to bed last night with a list of plans.

…. hmmmm… I actually went to bed the night before with a list of plans, but the ‘3rd’ day didn’t go so well.  I was sitting at my computer contemplating all the tasks I had to do, one of which was to write a little post….

I gave in and crawled back into my bed behind me.

Today was different.  I’ve caught up on sleep, I visualised the trip I was going to do last night.  Even down to opening Google Maps and coordinating my journey so I could visually see it.

I’m currently working on setting a solid ‘morning routine’.   Which I will write about once it’s set!

For now, it involves a small stretch upon wakening, heading downstairs to drink a warm glass of water.  My 2nd glass I add about approx a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Then I make a small coffee with approx a tablespoon of MCT Oil (the good stuff from coconut oil), as well as a herbal tea (today’s is Puka’s Tumeric Chai) to bring back up to my room.

Here, I go over my plans for the day on my Google Calendar.  I’ve actually also just started a ‘ClickUp’ account which is a Task Management programme to help me with my tasks… just signed up last night so will see how that goes.

Next is a 5-10minute sit (mediation).  I’m working on having something motivational recorded to help with this time.


Next is write a post! 

I want this website to really have an impact on people out there.  …and for what I hear content, content, content is the main way to go for a number of months to get Google to start recognising my site.

So…. I am now committing to using this blog/journal writing as a helpful tool in my recovery.   

Plus, once I do write a wee post a day, I’ve already achieved something for my day, so I’m off to a good start… and …. I’m one step closer to my goal of developing this website into something awesome.

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