Last Session with my Suicide Counselling Centre Today

23rd of October 2018

Today marks the last of my 15 sessions with a local suicide counselling centre. 

As I was leaving the reception area I turned and thanked the lovely lady whom every time I entered, asked if I wanted a tea or a coffee.  I thanked her for what she was doing and for being so kind.  As I approached the door I turned and gave my therapist a good decent hug.  I thanked her quietly in her ear as I gave her a gentle squeeze.

I left the reception, walked down the stairs and out the main door to my car.  I got in, closed the door and put my drivers seat back as far as it would go.  A wave of emotion came over me.  I put my head in my hands and I cried.  

I cried a hard cathartic cry…

Very aware of why I was here and what lead me to being here in my car at this moment in time… In the carpark of a Suicide Prevention and Counselling Centre. It’s been… How long… My therapist was awesome…. In that she spread out my last sessions… Talked about plans going forward etc.


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